Understanding Spiritual Misunderstandings!

I love Proverbs because it corrects our misunderstandings about spirituality. We tend to compartmentalize spirituality and push it to the margins of our lives. We divide our lives into our spiritual activities (Sundays and maybe Wednesdays) and secular activities (the rest of the week). We think of most of life as morally neutral. We think God is more concerned with the “spiritual” things we do than he is with the rest of our lives. We think that God really cares about us having a good devotional time; but he’s not necessarily concerned with our jobs or our schools, outside of us trying to be a good witness in those places. We think God is really concerned that I be a witness but he is not as concerned that I show up on time or that I complete my assignments by their due date.

Solomon blows this paradigm apart in Proverbs. The nitty-gritty details of your daily life are not morally neutral. That’s the whole point of Proverbs. Wisdom isn’t first and foremost tips for daily living that you follow; Wisdom is a person that you know and a path that you then walk. If you lack wisdom in a practical area of your life, it’s not just that you are demonstrating that you have a problem with Jesus. If you walk in foolishness, you are walking away from Jesus. If you have a temper problem, you love to argue with people, or you can’t see a task your boss assigns you through to completion, those are not just minor character flaws. They reveal that you have a problem with Jesus. If you find yourself walking down the wrong path, it reveals you are following the wrong person, and that’s deadly! That’s exactly what Solomon teaches us here through the Spirit in

Proverbs 4:1-4

1  Hear, my sons, the instruction of a father, And attend to know understanding:
2  For I give you good doctrine; Forsake ye not my law.
3  For I was a son unto my father, Tender and only beloved in the sight of my mother.
4  And he taught me, and said unto me: Let thy heart retain my words; Keep my commandments, and live;  


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