Exalt God's Greatness

Individually and as members of one body of believers, we:

  • Worship and magnify God who is worthy of all glory, honor and praise.
  • Proclaim God's awesome work in us through our worship and ministries.

Evangelize God's World

The urgency of reaching the lost with God's love compels us to:

  • Intentionally share salvation through Jesus Christ with our community.
  • Actively engage in global missions.

Equip God's People

With God's Word as our teaching authority, we:

  • Personally grow to spiritual maturity and prepare for ministry.
  • Build the body of Christ, discipling and encouraging fellow Christians.

Express God's Love

Because of God's merciful grace and with a servant heart toward believers and non-believers, we:

  • Imitate Christ through loving relationships.
  • Meet spiritual and physical needs.